Hi, we’re Tuesday@2

We’re an ottawa advertising shop designed to bring you results-driven ideas at an afforable price. We’re made up of award-winning creative talent from Ottawa, Toronto and NYC -- from art directors and commercial directors, to graphic/motion designers, photographers and more.  

We’re everything you love and expect from creative agencies, without the big agency contracts. How? We only use the talent that’s needed on each project we get. 

Why are we called Tuesday@2?

According to scientists* Tuesday at 2:00pm is the most boring day and time of the week. Our mission is to never have a boring Tuesday at 2:00pm (or any day, really) ever again. 

Want get to know us? 
Email: hellotsdayat2@gmail.com

*We heard this statistic on the radio 🤷🏽‍♂️